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Job Hunting Tip: Linked In Jobs Without Contact Info

Job Hunting Tip: Linked In Jobs Without Contact Info

Job Hunting Can Be Frustrating

If it’s not companies who don’t post the physical location of the job then it’s remembering the ins and outs of each platform you use to find jobs.

For people who don’t use LinkedIn frequently some of the intricacies can be challenging. I want to address what IMHO is a huge UI/ usability bug that may be holding your job hunt back.

Job hunting - maze

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What’s LinkedIn Done Now?

LinkedIn is an incredibly flexible platform for posters whether it be of personal or company information or someone posting a job.

Mostly this flexibility is a good thing but when you encounter a job that fits you to a “T” and can’t find the Apply To button or an email address it seems designed to bamboozle your job hunting efforts.

The Warptest POV

If the company name is posted then no sweat, Google/Bing the company, find the sitemap and look for the jobs page for the HR email address or simply phone the company during office hours and politely ask for the HR email.

If the LinkedIn Job posting doesn’t list the company this is where I see the questions and frustrations in the comments.

Let’s not suggest this is any kind of test; proceed with the intention to get your application into the hands of the person who posted the job.

  • These jobs are usually via groups you follow and so, the post was made by a person whose name / photo is a link to their profile.
  • Go to the poster’s profile and the top pane that contains their name and details
  • At the bottom right of this is a Contact Info icon that to the naked eye appears grey and inactive (bad UI LinkedIn, sorry)
  • Click on this box and you should get the contact information of the person who posted the job.
  • Use this information to send your job application (assuming it doesn’t say something like personal e-mail / personal blog).

Job hunting - LinkedIn Contact Info

LinkedIn Profile - job hunting 1

LinkedIn - job hunting - contact info

There are no guarantees that the poster simply didn’t forget to add contact information but keep in mind that if they did, it was a genuine oversight and not intended to make your life harder.

Remember, this is a two way street and the recruiter / HR posting this job is as anxious to receive good candidates as you are to be one of those considered.

If you have a job hunting challenge then feel free to share it in the comments and if you have an opinion on this I’d love to hear it.

Good (job) hunting and remember use these tips and contact information responsibly.


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