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Atlassian Israel Meetup

Atlassian Israel Meetup

Atlassian Makes Awesome Software

…but more than that, they make great solutions for anyone in the world of software.

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Last night I attended the Atlassian Israel Meetup hosted at Google Tel Aviv. The group is a thriving community and for anyone familiar or just getting started using Atlassian products in Israel it’s worth joining up.

The Meetup

The meetup was well organized with good time to network and presentations on Atlassian’s Bamboo (CI), Hipchat and developments with JIRA Support and Confluence.

  • Issac of ItsGoodConsulting gave a detailed presentation on using Bamboo with Node.JS for Continuous Integration. It’s not my main area of expertise but it was interesting after having tested on a project run using CI to deep dive this side of the subject.
  • Evgeny and Ilya of DevOps gave a presentation on using Bamboo with Chef in DevOps scenarios. This was a chance to hear about some really innovative use cases.
  • Holly, the Community Manager from Atlassian was with us and gave a great presentation on HipChat. I just wish I had heard this several weeks ago when I wrote my post on Zula and Yammer. (I see a follow up post sometime in early 2014, especially if I get my hands on a Windows Phone version of HipChat). HipChat impressed me as the collaborative, real time chat glue that allows you to tie your lifecycle up in a cohesive bundle with a strong feature set and smart support for pretty much every platform out there.
  • David the Atlassian Israel group organizer also presented a really nice overview of new developments in Confluence (your central workspace for the whole team and a whole lot more) and JIRA.

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To cap the evening Atlassian provided pizzas and some great T-shirts for their various products. All in all a great evening.

The Warptest POV

I have written about JIRA in the past and I consider it one of the best options out there for managing your testing efforts. Atlassian has an incredible marketplace for all their products and you can find almost any add-on to suit your needs there.

The combination of Confluence and JIRA make for a strong combination especially for Agile development.

So if standalone bug tracking is not for you and a comprehensive ALM solution is more than your comfort zone allows then perhaps the optimum is a more scalable, modular approach that Atlassian offers.

Once again, thanks to all the folks who presented, to Google for hosting and David for organizing the meetup. I will definitely be at the next one.


If you hear about additional events – do share with us on relevant Israeli Testing forums 🙂

Will do, great idea. Best bet is also to setup some Google alerts, follow the Geektime calendar of events and join Meetup.

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