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Give Your Computer One More Shot Of Espresso

Give Your Computer One More Shot Of Espresso

Your Computer Seems A Bit Sluggish…

Of course, it’s been a few months since you read and followed what I wrote in my February post “Give your Computer a Digital Double Espresso“.

<<Pause>> Okay, now you’ve reminded yourself about all that and of course are running with those tips on your Windows PC here is one more tip that will give your PC a nice performance jolt. (Windows Vista and above, just like Microsoft I’m looking towards the end of support for Windows XP).

Ready, Steady, Readyboost…

Microsoft gave us a somewhat hidden power-user surprise where you can use Flash Memory to act as extra RAM for the computer.

One qualifier: the Flash Memory (if it’s a USB stick) and the port need to be USB2.0 and higher for this to work.

What Do I need To Do?

 Grab that Flash Memory (Disk on Key) and assuming you don’t need it for anything else or that it isn’t full of vital data just plug it into the USB port.

computer - readyboost

  • When Windows opens this dialog then select Speed up my system.
  • You should be offered the chance to allocate all or part of the space available. Make your choice.
  • You should see a marked difference in computer performance almost immediately.

Things To Be Aware Of

  1. Using your Flash Memory this way will decrease its life. The read/writes being made by ReadyBoost affect what is a finite number it can handle. Admittedly this is in the millions but it varies based on generic brand / good brand. Prolonged use may render your Flash Memory less reliable in the long run (not that this should be your go-to method of backup).
  2. If you have set your BIOS to boot from USB first then rebooting your computer will leave you hanging. When you start up / reboot ensure the Flash Memory is safely removed.
  3. Yes, always safely remove Flash Memory or you may find a USB port that doesn’t want to recognize it anymore.
  • When you reboot Windows should begin reusing ReadyBoost the moment you reinsert the Flash Memory. If not then troubleshoot by opening Windows Explorer and right click on the drive from the left pane list:

explorer - computer

  • Now select Properties from the menu and go to the ReadyBoost tab and select Use this device > Ok.

readyboost - dialog - computer

The Warptest POV

This is a useful tool for boosting your computer performance when you have some memory intensive activities running.

Microsoft gives us once again an elegant, easy to use solution to a common problem as part of our OS.

Keep in mind this shouldn’t be your default state of affairs; if you are continuously running into RAM issues you may need to consider upgrading to more memory on your computer.

So add this to your arsenal of ways to give your computer the digital equivalent of a double espresso and stay productive out there folks.


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