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Can I See your Windows Phone? Led To…

Can I See your Windows Phone? Led To…

Windows Phone…

Most of us know all we need to know about it. Microsoft, nuff said.

That said, last week I got a reminder from the universe how some products are undersold and all you really need to do is put them out there on display and they can sell themselves.

I Was Sitting Drinking A Double Espresso…

How many of my posts could begin with that? Probably all of them. Anyhow we had a visitor, we’ll call them Tom; at Warptest HQ who inevitably they began to tell me their tech problems to see if I had any suggestions.

Espresso - Windows Phone

In a nutshell, they were between cellphones and the smartphone they had wasn’t working for them. They told me it was an Android smartphone and they weren’t entirely sold on it but it was the best device for their work requirements that they had been shown in the store.

As Tom is a reasonably good friend I told them I could loan them a Windows Phone 7 HTC Titan.

I fished the phone and charger out of a drawer and proceeded to show them how Windows Phone works and at one point they asked to try it and amazed told me they had no idea Microsoft made a smartphone, let alone such an intuitive one. Score One for Metro New Windows UI.

We moved onto the issue of apps and supporting Office, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. I was quick to point out that certain apps are not supported in Windows Phone 7 but are coming to Windows Phone 8 levelling the playing field between iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Cue: the Windows App Store, stage left…

After importing their SIM contacts, setting up mail, connection to their Office 365 and the major social apps they were blown away. After looking at my Windows Phone 8 they simply couldn’t understand why the vendor hadn’t offered this phone to them. We spent an extra five minutes going through the various Windows Phones (Nokia Lumia, HTC and Samsung) along with their prices.

Needless to say had this been a sales pitch I would have closed the deal right there. This was a case of a product selling itself on demo. No more, no less.

The Warptest POV

Any frequent visitors to this blog or friends are aware of my unresolved belief in the Windows Phone platform (I’ve been using Windows Phone since it was Windows Mobile and am working on developing apps these days).

I was surprised and pleased to see an article in Israeli Newspaper, Yediot Acharonot this weekend on How to Change Smartphones to Winter Time; that included Windows Phone 8.

Article courtesy of Israeli newspaper: Yediot Acharonot.

It’s good to see the local press are aware of and including Windows Phone in their tech articles. The real challenge is to encourage vendors and the public to greater awareness of a strong, viable alternative to iOS or Android and to encourage App developers to continue to embrace the Windows Phone platform.

So before you dismiss Windows Phone for you or your family, take a chance and go hands on. Who knows you may decide you like it.