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Stephen Elop Seals Microsoft CEO Job

Stephen Elop Seals Microsoft CEO Job

Stephen and Steve Sign A Deal…

Sidebar: due to various technical issues I’m posting this about 6 hours after I wrote it. My good friend and tweep @brassman75 convinced me it was still worthwhile to do so. Thanks mate. <normal service is resumed from here>

…The internet is ablaze at Microsoft’s “surprising” deal to buy Nokia (Devices division and patents) for $7.2 Billion.

Stephen Elop Nokia Microsoft Let’s be honest, the only people surprised by this are <go ahead, fill in as appropriate>.

The other big comment I’m reading is how for an outgoing CEO Ballmer is certainly making sweeping changes for whoever fills his shoes between his reorganization and the Nokia acquisition.


What’s It All About?

Ignoring the Trolls and H8ters for the moment the precedent exists with Google – Motorola but the important factor here is Steve Ballmer’s retirement announcement last week (at least IMHO).

  • Ballmer’s retirement wasn’t something spontaneous. He didn’t wake up last Thursday and think, “I’m going to announce my retirement tomorrow.”
  • Who do you think Ballmer would want as his replacement?
  • Rumors of Nokia looking towards Android have been floating around recently. I tweeted earlier today that this may have been Nokia’s crowbar to encourage Microsoft resistance to the purchase. (part of a much longer conversation, feel free to follow me on Twitter for that sort of thing @jonathanross)

Or perhaps Nokia said buy us or we r jumping from Windows Phone to Android?

— jonathanross (@jonathanross) September 3, 2013


  • Microsoft just got a complete line of Surface phones and a Phablet lock, stock and barrel in the Lumia line.
  • I haven’t seen the stats for the Nokia apps for Windows Phone but for sure, Microsoft gets an extremely experienced App Dev team, some great Apps and Nokia’s experience with their Ovi Store.
  • Acquisition of Nokia patents and licensing must be a big factor in this deal too.

Cui Bono

Assuming that Steve Ballmer is concerned about the state he leaves Microsoft in, has a hand in picking his successor and that Stephen Elop is one of the candidates under consideration (besides me LOL) then this deal was a strategic move by Elop worthy of Patton or Monty. Clearly this demonstrates his CEO worthiness.

stephen elop

One has to wonder how long the acquisition has been in the works and if Ballmer hasn’t ensured with Stephen Elop who the next CEO of Microsoft, their vision for Microsoft, will be.

The Warptest POV

If this is actually the case and Stephen Elop is going to be the next CEO of Microsoft then let me say to him, “Welcome back and congratulations.”

I have strong expectations of great things for Microsoft and not just in the mobile arena.

However, Microsoft has some big changes to make and it’s not as simple as just absorbing Nokia products, practices and patents, Redmond purchased along with all that some of the problems that plagued Nokia over the last few years.

What do you think?