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Steve Ballmer Says “Goodbye” Why Now?

Steve Ballmer Says “Goodbye” Why Now?


News broke via the Microsoft News webpage that Microsoft CEO Ballmer intends to take retirement in 2014.

steve ballmer

This not long after his decision and subsequent Move Forward memo to make some drastic reorganization and strategic change at Microsoft.

Last year I was lucky enough to hear him speak in person at the Microsoft Israel Build 2012 event and I went away once again impressed by what he brought to his keynote.

Besides those whose daily dose of Redmond Rant welcomes this, a lot of people are asking why now? Why so soon after the Move Forward memo?

The Warptest POV

I was struck by the level of commitment Steve Ballmer has for Microsoft, the energy and drive he has and whilst not all his decisions led to the best outcome, it truly seems that Ballmer is that CEO to learn from; one who seems truly committed to the best for his company.

The aberrant blip on the radar after the Move Forward memo was the class action lawsuit instituted for shareholders against Microsoft and several senior executives regarding the Surface RT.

This is what you see in Windows 8 Finance App if you take a look at Microsoft Stock:

Steve Ballmer - Microsft Stock PriceThis is pure speculation on my part but is there a connection between the lawsuit and Ballmer’s retirement? If so I suspect the lawsuit may quietly be settled out of court.

Regardless of whether this is correct or not. I for one am going to miss Steve Ballmer and I’m extremely curious to see who ends up replacing him as CEO.

Do you have any guesses for new CEO?