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LinkedIn Endorsements or Dad Really?!??

LinkedIn Endorsements or Dad Really?!??

LinkedIn Endorsements via PlatoonThe Thing About LinkedIn Endorsements…

… it’s a classic example of rolling a feature that should have incredible added value but a combination of excessively open workflow and poor response to user feedback, you end up with confusion, irritation and a very full swear jar.

What the <redacted> is the point of Endorsements?

In principle LinkedIn Endorsements was meant to have offered a quick and easy way to combine profile skills / keywords / metadata and for your network to rate you for those skills with one-click.

LinkedIn Endorsements

In practice a lot of great people in your network are endorsing you for skills they may have never seen you use. Why? Because LinkedIn Endorsements have one constraint: the person endorsing you has to be in your network.

When LinkedIn Endorsements rolled out, were I the person testing this feature I would have failed it on the spot. Why?

LinkedIn is a Social Network.

This is a social networking feature and should be defined: –

Requirement -> Use Cases -> ETIQUETTE -> Spec -> Implementation

The Warptest POV

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like LinkedIn Endorsements and appreciate them and the people who take the time to give them.

However, IMHO this is a half-baked feature which was not spec’d out properly. Failing to define the etiquette for using the feature results in some unanticipated consequences: –

  • Gaming the system is way too easy: result – loss of overall confidence in the endorsements feature.
  • Dad, really?!? We all love our family but guys the point here is professional relationships. Unless you are Michael Corleone, getting Dad’s endorsement probably results in,

“Oh crap. How do I tell him to stop endorsing me for skills he doesn’t know about?”

This is pretty much the same for personal friends too: result – loss of overall confidence in the endorsements feature.

Godfather IIGodfather

There are more but in a nutshell a great feature gets wasted and produces a lot of white noise that no one wants to wade through.

Is it fixable? Yes, totally. LinkedIn if you are reading this then pay attention. Use a similar system to how connecting was on LinkedIn where one has to show some level of professional relationship to connect, the same should be true to endorse someone.

In the meanwhile I’m going to keep endorsing those people whose professional skills I know, respect and understand. How about you?


Don’t worry – I won’t tell Dad you said that! 😉

Well, this dependents always on how long you know this persons and how much effort you put into to get to know them better. On the other hand, people love the process of clicking through something, just to save time, to get things done. The Windows-I-Click-For-Any-Price-And-Any-Time the “OK” button, has demonstrated that successfully, since a couple (a decade?) of years. Then there was UAC ……

All good points but sometimes the value of something can be degraded by the ease with which we do it 🙂

Agree. And let’s be honest, relationships are everything, and the truth is not necessarily something to be considered in the first place today. However, I prefer the truth, it pays off at the end.

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