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Android Has The Market Share… On Malware.

Android Has The Market Share… On Malware.

Android Is Repeatedly In The News…

…Not just for Apple vs. Samsung patent lawsuits (don’t get me started) but instead more and more often due to the prevalence of malware in Apps.

Android Malware Results on Bing

Not just random apps but those you download from Google Play.

Android Apps on Google Play

I Just Assumed…

Most run of the mill users simply assume that if an App is on Google Play it must be safe to download onto their phone. Given that our smartphones are rapidly morphing into our wallets and our digital identities then why doesn’t Android come with out-of-the box protection?

Android SecurityAndroidAndroid Security

I’m not even going to ask why Google Play doesn’t malware check apps as part of the upload process or blacklist known malware apps and their creators?

What are you doing to protect your smartphone, your online identity, data and your contacts?

Help Is Ironically One Click Away…

…Ironically your salvation can be found in the very place that may have caused this trouble in the first place. Google Play hosts the download for Panda Mobile Security Beta.

Panda Mobile Security Beta For Android

Panda Security is a great company with robust solutions for home and business and I have been renewing my PC licenses yearly since about 2001. Panda were also the forerunners in cloud antivirus (another freebie). In addition to all this they have an incredible team working via twitter for their company @Panda_Security and support @PandaTechSup accounts.

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The Warptest POV

Their Android Security solution is free and a beta right now so I asked the Missus to install it and take it for a spin on her Samsung Galaxy S2.

The application installed seamlessly and the UX is strong and easy to follow. On first scan it found several questionable apps which after searching for the warning it gave us, motivated us to remove them.

Panda has delivered a strong contender in the Android field of security apps, suitable for phones and tablets. I am hoping that once this leaves beta it will come bundled as part of the pay package we buy.

Panda pay heed, you give me 4 licenses for desktop security, how about modifying that to allow me to choose 4 licenses based on the devices I have. With the migration away from desktops and towards smartphones / Phablets / Tablets this is forward thinking, sound business.

I’m giving Panda Mobile Security a strong recommend as one of my favorite Android Apps.

Its 2013, is your Android device protected?


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