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Social Media. There is Only One Rule.

Social Media. There is Only One Rule.

Social Media. Some of my best friends work here…

… Social Media is a growth industry and I count amongst my friends some inspired professionals (any readers who needs a recommendation contact me thru the comments below).

Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m active pretty much across the board and not just using the bigger platforms but also on

However, this isn’t my profession. I’m a tester by trade, I write on this blog and wrestle with my novel. Once in a while though I see or experience an interaction that leaves me so bothered I want to head-desk.

With thanks to the amazing Catherine Tate via Youtube user CamellionProductions

File under Life Is Too Short

Let’s forget the trolls; we all know there are more trolls in the Social Media arena than World of Warcraft. It’s those cases when you see an epic meltdown or flame war, all due to one daft comment.

social media trolls

These things deteriorate fast and some know when to apologize and make good, some simply can’t listen to that cautionary voice in their subconscious as things go pear shaped.

social media meltdowns

The Warptest POV

The truth is that once in a while we all say something daft online and probably regret it shortly after. The people I can’t get are those who persistently behave in this manner.

At the end of the day I try to stick to my one rule when it comes to Social Media.

With thanks to Youtube user aucubehill

Forget about being online. If you wouldn’t say something like this to someone’s face then don’t say it to them online.
What are your rules?