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Microsoft Office, Global Domination

Microsoft Office, Global Domination

Microsoft Office Continues…

It’s Plan For Global Domination. Well at least on Smartphones and Tablets with the addition of a version of One Note for iOS and Android. (there will be two versions for iOS: one for iPhone and one for iPad). At this time Google Play Store has 1 million+ downloads but installation is region blocked in Israel (and presumably other countries too.. what’s that about Google / Microsoft?)

Microsoft Office One Note Android

It seems that the boffins at Microsoft Office are going for a gradual and surreptitious takeover along the lines of the prediction at Warptest a while back.

Yes Redmond Aren’t the Only Show In Town

Microsoft Office One Note

If it’s only a productivity Notes App then look no further than Evernote for competition but for the whole kit and caboodle if you want to compete with Microsoft Office then for now it’s only really Google Apps. Apple I’m afraid you got some catching up to do

The Warptest POV

IMHO the organic argument holds some water here i.e. Google Apps on an Android phone or tablet, Microsoft Office on a Windows Phone (or tablet) until you remember (as I’ve mentioned in the past) that for the business user it is all about the backend. So pay attention, if your workplace has Windows servers or uses Azure then expect to be encouraged by your CIO to make the jump over to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office OneNote Meme

If this is an issue for you then get in touch and I’ll help ease your transition.


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