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Job Hunting Israel 2013

Job Hunting Israel 2013

Job Hunting is no mean feat…

So several years ago I posted a list of job hunting links to help out. I’ve decided to update it and include some new sites, check the old ones were still alive and kicking and categorize the sites according to type.

 Orion – the (job) hunter with thanks to Microsoft Office images.

Why job HUNTING? Think about what’s involved in hunting as opposed to just “looking” and make that switch in your head. I’m advocating a more vigorous and perhaps proactive hunt.

Sidebar – Testing

Those of you who remember the old job hunting post will notice that some links are gone. As a testing pro I of course ran all the links through the W3C link checker  to ensure I wasn’t posting any dead links and then I reviewed several SEO sites to make sure I wasn’t going to be red flagged for the number of links included in this post. After some basic acceptance testing I completed my list.

Job Search Sites

Many of these sites allow you to define saved searches and create agents to send you alerts to your email when a relevant job appears. This allows you to be on the go with your smartphone and still apply for work.







Headhunters (Placement Agencies)

In no particular order

Pro-tip: some Israeli Headhunters will exclude you if your Israeli ID number is not clearly listed on your CV / Resume.

Tahl Wilson HR










Dan HR



Quest HR




Job Blogs: Israeli and some International

Geekjob – partners with SeeV and the jobs section of possibly the biggest Israeli tech blog out there.

Mappedinisrael – who’s hiring – the hit Israeli Startup Map also has a listing of companies hiring that has jobs not found elsewhere


Crunchboard  – international but has some Israel jobs


Startuply  – international but has some Israel jobs

Trovix – as above

CJI – how I forgot this one is beyond me. Thanks Asher Samuels for the reminder

ITCB Jobs Forum – testing jobs thru the ITCB. Many thanks to Kobi Halperin for sending me this

VC Fund Career Pages etc.

These are jobs in Start Ups the VC is funding usually.

Sequoia Capital – Jobs

Jobs at Giza VC funded companies

Jobs at JVP funded companies – thanks Ari Roth for catching the typo

Israel VC Blog  – VC related blog

Social Media Job Search / Groups

The definitive Israel Job-feed on Twitter by Jacob Share

Please note that the LinkedIn Groups may require membership:

Israel Employ LinkedIn group and their incredible site IsraelEmploy – thank you visitor Alisha for the input

Nefesh b’Nefesh Jobs LinkedIn Group

Open Jobs – Israeli Hitech LinkedIn Group

Jobs Israel LinkedIn Group – this also has sub-groups by profession

Job Hunt LinkedIn Group – Israeli Jobs Available group.. Usually hi-tech but not exclusively.

Good job hunting people and if you think of any I’ve missed drop me a note and I’ll add them.

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