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Is That A Samsung Cam-Phone In Your Pocket Or…?

Is That A Samsung Cam-Phone In Your Pocket Or…?

Samsung Gives Us Their Take On The Cam-Phone…

… And with it TechCrunch throws an absolute wobbler and decides that this is the Lumia PureView Killer.

Their title “Samsung Just Killed Nokia’s ‘True PureView’ Windows Phone And It’s Not Even Unboxed Yet” drew my attention and so I hit the link in Twitter.

Techcrunch S4 ZoomI didn’t need to so much as scroll to see the image of the Galaxy S4 Zoom which for all intents and purposes looks like a point and shoot camera which apparently has a phone built in.

With thanks to YouTuber Tracy80sGirl for the clip

Apples and Pears

My suggestive title aside I decided to see what it feels like to treat a point and shoot as your phone: –

  1. I really hope my jeans pocket stretches back to original shape and thankfully I didn’t accidentally hit the zoom button when it was in there; the rest I leave to your imagination.
  2. Yes, there needs to be an equivalent term to Glasshole for people who walk around talking into a point and shoot camera.
  3. I have more comments from my brief behavioral testing run but let’s progress…

With thanks to Samsung Mobile Press for making images downloadable

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TechCrunch’s article indicates that “serious” photographers will take a point and shoot form factor camera over Nokia’s Lumia PureView whilst at the same time deriding the comparison of Samsung’s 16 Megapixels versus the PureView’s 41 WHOPPING Megapixels as nerdy. Sounds like someone wants to have their blogging cake and eat it too.

The bulky argument cancels itself out because both phones are bulky in different ways. The Galaxy S4 Zoom protects the zoom lens housing by building a protruding base to the phone across the whole width whereas the Lumia has a consistent form factor except for the bubble shape of the lens housing.

I will say one more thing regarding technical spec. TechCrunch, anyone who is remotely serious about taking photos will see one thing that differentiates the two lenses: –

Who’s got a Carl Zeiss lens?

carl zeiss anyone?

The Warptest POV

In a nutshell the Samsung looks good for what it is but the Nokia looks better. The promise of the competitive technical specs of 10X Zoom versus WHOPPING Megapixels may cancel each other out.

Really it comes to this, do you want Windows Phone 8 or Android 4.2 (Jellybean)? Whichever, you had better make sure you have unlimited data and unthrottled bandwidth for uploading these undoubtedly large photos or simply sending resized copies until you can use a wifi connection.

Sorry to burst your bubble TechCrunch but I don’t think Nokia is under much threat from this specific model especially when you factor the promise of Lumia’s low light abilities, Wireless recharging and some amazing proprietary apps.

So whilst I may be happy to see you Samsung Galaxy Zoom, you won’t be in my pocket.

How about you?


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