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#Trending Launches Twitter Music On What Phone?

#Trending Launches Twitter Music On What Phone?

#Trending popped up yesterday…

#Trending is the first unofficial Twitter Music App and it’s on Windows Phone. Amazingly the App Developer also made it Windows 7.x compliant so double hat-tip from me.

#Trending comes in the usual two App flavors, paid and free. So far I’ve been using the free version. I had read it doesn’t work in all regions and was pleasantly surprised to see I could use it in Israel.

#Trending App

What Does #Trending Give You?

#Trending puts the music that is trending on the new / coming soon Twitter Music service on your Windows Phone.

 Twitter Music

When I go to the link for Twitter Music I get the Coming Soon screen so it’s tough to test how well the App delivers but it works for me and I get a rapidly built queue of music through my phone.

 #Trending On The Phone

#Trending plays a 30 second sample of the song, enough to decide if you like it. The really nice feature on Windows Phone is the ability to turn this into a ringtone. The App Developer does request,

“Please make sure you have purchased the content before setting as ringtone from windows phone music store.”

If you decide to make an In-App purchase then #Trending makes a Marketplace Search for the artist and music you chose.

The Warptest POV

What’s not to like? The App works well and whilst it doesn’t cache the next song for when you go places without reception it also is very easy on battery life; I used it on and off during the day on my HTC Titan the rest of the time it was running in the background.

I’m interested to see how Twitter Music will work, for now I’m giving #Trending a recommend.


Great App and I am sure people gonna love this App and surely I am going to share this information with my buddies !!!
trending music now

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