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Vine, Hate It? Not Wolverine, Bub.

Vine, Hate It? Not Wolverine, Bub.

Vine is what exactly?

Vine launched with much fanfare as a shareable micro-video app with expectations of rapidly becoming the next big thing for iOS.

Subsequently they added embed functionality and job postings on the Vine site seem to indicate that an Android version is coming soon.

Love it, or Hate it?

The sentiments have been mixed on Vine from what I’ve read online. As you know I’m a Windows Phone user so my daily access other than for testing is limited with iOS but from what I’m seeing some love the medium and others positively loath it.

Where Have We Seen it So Far?

The mainstream use cases are limited but an outstanding example was new movie The Wolverine, based on the popular Marvel Comics character. Below is an incredible first look mini-trailer made with Vine showing Hugh Jackman reprising this role.

Subsequently we saw Bryan Singer post a Vine from the set of the new X-Men movie showing preparations for shooting and some familiar faces from previous X-movies.

 The Warptest POV

Video is a tricky thing. Not everyone has it on their website and not everyone does it well. There are a lot of factors that can mess things up but Vine minimizes some of these risks by dealing in snapshots which minimizes all that pesky post-processing.

In a way this is a natural extension of micro-blogging and the 140 Characters of Twitter and as it is a new app we are still at the stage of “I’m eating my sandwich” / “Having a shower” stage that Tweeps indulged in back in the day.

The fact is that whilst movies can use Vine nicely we are still at the discovery stage for using this app as a mainstream tool for engagement. To those who hate it I would suggest you remember the bet posed to Ernest Hemingway; tell a story in 6 words:

For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

If Hemingway was around today wouldn’t he be using Vine to tell his stories? One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward to installing the Windows Phone Vine App when it eventually launches.



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