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Testing the Technorati Claim Blog Feature

Testing the Technorati Claim Blog Feature

How did I forget to claim my blog on Technorati?

Don’t mind this just testing the claim blog feature on Technorati ( EBRCTKF4U2FR )

Just when you think you have done all that hard work to ensure your blog reaches everywhere it’s meant to…

Technorati Site

I’m not sure how I forgot this but I know how I discovered it, I’d added the awesome Broken Links Checker Plugin to my WordPress installation and presto I see these problem links in the report from my old blog. This is a really good plugin to add 1) if you have moved your blog from another platform and 2) just to keep an eye on all that valuable content you link to.

Back in the day when I was writing to my blog on Blogger I used Windows Live Writer which makes it incredibly easy to tag posts for sites like Technorati. If you only use one Application for posting to your blog and you are on a PC then Live Writer is it. I give it a strong recommend.

Windows Live Writer

With the move to WordPress combined with upgrading to Windows 8 I just never installed Live Writer. I do all my posting either from the WordPress web dashboard or I write the drafts in Word 2013 which has most of the features I need for posting to my blog and in addition saves a backup of my posts to my Skydrive account. Ah well, lesson learnt and thanks Technorati for making the claim blog process so easy and fast.


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