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Give your Computer a Digital Double Espresso

Give your Computer a Digital Double Espresso

Follow these steps and your Computer should run as if it’s mainlining Double Espresso:

 Caffeinated and happy

I know it’s cappuccino but it’s caffeine and it’s smiling. 

  • Check how much hard disk space you actually have free on your computer. You would be surprised how often we forget this one.
  • Backup all your photos, documents, music etc to either cloud storage (Google Drive/ SkyDrive/ Dropbox/ Box) or buy yourself an external hard drive and copy everything there.
  • Winning Israeli startup Soluto allows you to remove all the things slowing down PC boot and browser. Either you can go to and download and run the app yourself or if you already know someone with an account and tech savvy they can invite you and remote manage your tech issues.

Keep in mind that every day is be nice to your Tech Support Guy… they are giving you cheap if not free help. Last year as a favor to a friend I waded through their visiting father’s Windows 95 laptop when it ground to a sudden halt; he was kind enough to offer to pay and when I declined he brought round a six pack of Samuel Adams beer.

  • Uninstall programs you just don’t use. All those freeware / bloatware apps you installed a year ago and haven’t used since… terminate with extreme prejudice > Add/Remove Programs.

Note: If this is purchased / licensed software ensure you have the license and disk / installer elsewhere before removing.

  • CCleaner this is like Windows Disk Cleanup on steroids and will dispose of all the accumulated temp files on your system and in your browser cache. Open CCleaner to the cleaner tab > select / deselect the options you want > analyze will tell you how much you can delete > Run cleaner; keep in mind this will also remove all your logins to sites you use like so make a note of all your user names and passwords somewhere safe.
  • CCleaner also can clean redundant information from your registry. This is a power user activity, if you want to know more contact me.

CCleaner settings

  • Run Windows Update and install all critical updates – for ease of use have it set to download and install your updates automatically.
  • Assuming you have antivirus / antimalware run the updates then set it to run a deep scan and go do something else more interesting while it runs. If you don’t have security apps on your computer then stop what you are doing and read this post while you remedy this severe oversight.
  • Defragment your hard drive – again while running this go read a book, drink some coffee, call a friend you haven’t spoken to recently or go for a run.

    Note: Don’t overdo this. Defragging your hard drive is a once in a while activity.

  • Updating freeware programs:  there is a reason Adobe and others bring out patches and often it’s because a security issue needs fixing. You can do a lot of this easily via Soluto or you can use Filehippo‘s Update Checker.

If after all this you still find that your computer is running slowly then something may still be running in the background eating up resources or your PC is struggling due to demands beyond its available resources. It may be time to consider upgrading and it may not mean you need a new computer but perhaps a small investment in extra RAM, a better Hard Drive or even a replacement for your low bandwidth Wi-Fi card.

That just about sums it up. If you are having problems still or are a bit anxious about attempting this adventure without a guide then get in touch.


Note that SSDs shouldn’t be defragmented

Thanks, good point 🙂

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