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Dio – It Looks Like Linden Labs Just Discovered First Life

Dio – It Looks Like Linden Labs Just Discovered First Life

Dio is brought to us by…

Linden Labs, the company that brought virtual worlds, immersive environments via the web to us in Second Life have released a new Website / Application, DIO.

For those of you who aren’t familiar…

Second Life is an incredible (and ongoing) virtual world where we can create new places, design and script objects and buy and sell all these things whilst meeting new people, or at the very least their avatars. It was somewhat hobbled by having to have on your computer a graphics card that Second Life could recognize* and controversy; like any new technology the first experiments are to see how the entertainment industries can exploit an immersive, interpersonal Social Network that incorporates animation, chat / voice chat and its very own e-commerce system using “Linden Dollars”.

*At present the graphics card that Second Life was happy with on Windows 7 is unrecognized on Windows 8 on my laptop.

Second Life GPU Fail

Second Life Graphics Card Error

The variety of legitimate and creative uses for Second Life are boundless and the application continues to flourish in a multitude of fields including education, gaming and others.

Second Life Map Second Life Web Site 2 Second Life Web site 1

But enough background …

Dio is a nicely designed site, elegant in its simplicity and incorporating social elements common to most content sharing applications. Linden Labs have not really created a strikingly new technology but they have found a way to combine several existing use cases in an innovative and eye catching manner.

Dio - Create your content

The development and product team are loyal to Linden’s vision from Second Life in the workflow and functionality of Dio: –

  • The pages you create can be locations, personal, interests or imaginary.
  • These pages are called rooms and can be linked together allowing the user to exit into another room or simply teleport from one to the other.
  • The owner of a page can add content: photos, videos (YouTube at present) and custom content (objects with associated actions).
  • And others…

In a nutshell someone at Linden Labs had a brainwave and said,

We made Second Life, how about we use that to make First Life now? No more virtual world, let’s apply all that to the real world.”

On the one hand this does not do Dio justice but whilst novel I just don’t feel wowed by this content publishing platform in the way I was initially by Tumblr, Pinterest or even

Still Dio is in beta at present and having tested it a bit I can see why. I found several issues that might suggest Linden Labs QA team on Dio rerun their cross-browser compatibility testing. That said I will be coming back to Dio for two major reasons: –

  1. I may not be totally wowed yet but Dio has piqued my interest. Linden Labs are a cool company that makes cool things and I am willing to see how this evolves.
  2. As I wrote about in an earlier post, this is one more way to connect to people you might otherwise not and get your message across. Why ignore potential ROI?

So how about you, are you going to check out Dio?


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