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Testing Cycle from Warptest for FREE if…

Testing Cycle from Warptest for FREE if…

A New Year Brings New Testing Challenges…

Many of you know I work in the field of software/ web/ mobile app test management. I’m just finishing up a consultancy project and as you also know I’ve been advocating more companies migrate their Apps to Windows Phone and asking what it would take to push that..

Well as a result of some interesting developments I’m going to offer a promotional gift to Israeli Start Ups who show some love to Windows Phone.

If you get your App into the Windows Phone Store and it is neither exclusive to Nokia Lumia Phones nor exclusively developed for Windows Phone 8 the I will give you FREE! one testcycle of your app on a Windows Phone 7 or 8.

Testing - Your App in the Windows Store

 All you have to do is follow and contact me via Twitter – @jonathanross let me know the App is there and use the hashtag #AwesomeAdopter and we get the testing ball rolling.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more long term or exclusive testing …

Testing - self promo 101

So is this going to be the year your App embraces Windows Phone as well?


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