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Sherlock Holmes Uses the Surface RT … Because It’s Elementary

Sherlock Holmes Uses the Surface RT … Because It’s Elementary

Once again Microsoft invests in Prime-Time CBS programming to tout the Surface RT…

After the Surface RT has guest starred in CBS shows Hawaii 5-0 (along with Windows Phone and other Windows 8 PC’s) and NCIS LA, this week we got to see the Surface RT in the hands of none other than Sherlock Holmes.

The Surface RT

CBS has spun the legendary detective (played by Jonny Lee Miller) as based in modern day New York, working with the NYPD and his “sober companion” ex-surgeon Dr. Joan Watson (played by Lucy Lui).

Elementary - CBS 1Image Courtesy of CBS

Sidebar: after some initial controversy over the show itself, certain people associated with the BBC’s Sherlock (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) were reported as feeling that the  CBS production  was copycatting. However, the show has shown itself to be a unique spinoff of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales. Ironically, Cumberbatch (mystery big bad in the next Star Trek movie) and Miller has starred together in a National Theater production of Frankenstein (apparently often switching roles)

sherlock-imdb 2Image Courtesy of

There have been fleeting views of an unidentified tablet being used in previous episodes of Elementary. This week Holmes goes the whole hog, clearly displaying the Metro UI and Start Screen Apps, does the now famous Surface keyboard click and then proceeds to open Metro Bing to search for some piece of information that in classic Sherlock Holmes no doubt he would have gotten via the Baker Street Irregulars.

I’m hoping that once again Microsoft doesn’t miss the opportunity to collate these clips from these shows into an ad showing these characters demonstrating the Elementary use of the revolutionary Surface RT.

Hopefully Redmond’s negotiations to place the Surface RT into these (and no doubt other shows) doesn’t conflict with arcane TV licensing issues and the official mash-up ad is in the works.

What say you Microsoft?


It is definitely very tech oriented but so is BBC’s Sherlock with repeated references to Watson’s blog, the use of Twitter etc. It’s a brave new world of deduction. Thanks for commenting, come by any time.

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