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The Next Location Revolution is Coming. Right Foursquare?

The Next Location Revolution is Coming. Right Foursquare?

Is it just me or…?

Has Foursquare been awfully quiet lately? Not just Foursquare but the other contenders in the Location based market seem to have faded into the background. Is this because Locational Services have evolved as far as they can go? Sometimes silence indicates that something big is coming.




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I was visiting Manchester, UK to see family and escape the August heat in Israel. I spent every morning in the local Costa Coffee ensuring I started the day suitably caffeinated (day trips with the kids make this a must). Most places in the UK now use smart chipped credit cards and when I renewed my Visa last year I made sure to get a chipped card. Basically you “dip” the card into a reader and enter your PIN number.

All this was pretty cool but it got me thinking…

Warptest Speculation for 2012/13

Given the rise in consumer adoption of Smartphones and the drive for the phone as a wallet. I believe we are going to see a convergence of eWallet and Locational Services.

A check-in to a Store, Coffee shop , Restaurant or even your local Costco is the precursor to your shopping in that location.

Lest we forget Locational Services contain excellent Business Intelligence all about our habits and behavior.

Even as a basic validation of your payment processor: that you couldn’t possibly be using your Credit card to physically purchase in two locations simultaneously or too far away to have reached within the time between purchases is a sound feature.

So the Warptest prediction is that Facebook, already with a money/ account feature will tie this to Facebook location check-ins and perhaps Foursquare will head in the following direction(s): –

1. A strategic alliance with VISA, American Express or Mastercard where your Locational Check-in via Smartphone allows you to receive targeted real-time offers, virtual coupons and a Check-out handshake at the cashier’s till to pay for items your phone scanned as you shopped.

2. Foursquare offers a pay for use API for real world stores who wish to adopt a Locational Pay model where your Supermarket Chain tracks your Check-Ins, sends reminders that you haven’t checked in for your weekly shop, analyzes your purchases to create an on-the-fly shopping list and provides In Store location updates for your favorite purchases when they are moved from Aisle 3 to Aisle 5.


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Of course, this should drag several secondary services such as enhanced Smartphone security kicking and screaming into 2012.

Can you see yourself using a service like this?


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