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Irony is writing my post on Office 2013 from Word 2013

Irony is writing my post on Office 2013 from Word 2013

Microsoft and Office 2013 is overflowing with Mojo…

If you haven’t already downloaded the Consumer Preview for Office 2013 then you should. ASAP.

Austin Powers. Dr Evil explains “Mojo” courtesy of TheVegasDealer

In a year of huge news for Redmond with Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone, The Surface and more. Microsoft has done something to rebrand themselves as the up and coming, don’t count us out company for 2012 and in the words of Austin Powers and Doctor Evil they have mojo.

What hasn’t Been Said?

About the only thing in the blogosphere that may have stolen some of the Office preview’s thunder is Marissa Meyer of Google being appointed CEO of Yahoo. BTW Congratulations again Marissa.

Not to digress but in the 24 hours since the preview went live just about every tech blogger and others have given their spin on it.

The Warptest Perspective

Microsoft have adhered to their Metro UI design ethic with Office 2013 making a sexier, more seductive Office than ever before.

We have taken to classifying this kind of software as productivity suites but the sad truth is that often the UX and clutter make for an unproductive work environment. I’m here to tell you that in Office 2013 you just want to be productive.

A lot of trouble has gone to make the user feel comfortable using this and I find it hard to believe that other Operating System users aren’t looking just a little bit enviously right now at this. (Yes, I do mean you. Yes you.)

Surprised? I was to see rumors of good old Access DB’s demise were completely untrue. Access is alive, kicking and when you run it the first template you are offered is to create a custom web app. Welcome to 2012 Access!

MS Access 2013

frontpage of Access 2013

Outlook: still the powerhouse but this was the one place where I felt the UX was a bit claustrophobic and could have been minimalized a bit. Setup was easy and the mail notification sound and popups are not too intrusive.

Cloudy with a chance of Thuderstorms … over Europe.

Microsoft goes full throttle with Office 2013 into the cloud. Apparently when you get Office you get 100Gb of Skydrive storage in the bundle. Skydrive is the default save location here and so it should be but I was a bit surprised when I hit the Add A Place tile that the only services Microsoft chose to support are Skydrive or Office 365 (Sharepoint).

MS Word 2013

Save As Add Services

One would assume that Redmond had learnt from the antitrust cases that the European Union had hit them with over Windows and Internet Explorer but apparently not. My suggestion is add support for Dropbox, Box and even “add your own custom storage URL” or dare I say it go old school with FTP.

In a Nutshell

My hat is off and tipped to the Office Team who have outdone themselves in making productivity sexy again and turning Office into possibly the most appealing piece of software you are going to want to buy next year.