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Why I broke up with Nokia Lumia or a Cautionary Tale of Fragging.

Why I broke up with Nokia Lumia or a Cautionary Tale of Fragging.

My fling with Lumia…

I went hands-on several months ago at Microsoft Israel’s launch of the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones and was dazzled and impressed by the design, materials and how the OS performed. I had already decided my next phone was going to be a Windows Phone and this strengthened my resolve.

My next encounter was when Sarah Nadav (founder / CEO of Bukit and a journalist at the Jerusalem Post) had issue with her Windows Phone wrote about it and then agreed to let me have a go at testing her phone to see if my experience was the same.

Shortly thereafter…

Nokia announced a series of new apps for the Marketplace but developed exclusively for their Lumia line.

Star Trek Wrath of Khan – via YouTube user IQuip4U.. thanks.

The Warptest Perspective…

Having just written about the colossal Pandora’s Box that is Android Fragmentation last month (which led to some heavy discussions online and off) I saw some worrying parallels and I wasn’t alone in this:


From Nokia’s point of view it makes total sense to increase the desirability of their phones by developing apps that are only available to their customer base. Also keep in mind that Nokia are not new to the Apps business, two words: Ovi Store.

What were Microsoft thinking though? In a nutshell, it seems that Microsoft may be paying copious amounts of money in the deal they made with Nokia but they aren’t the ones dictating the terms.

Microsoft needs to think very carefully about fragmentation.

As for Nokia, the Lumia line is a beautifully made series of phones that will blow most users away. Between the user experience and the price point being offered for signing for these phones with carriers there seems little additional ROI to firing the first shot in this kind of frag war with the other handsets.

It’s not you, it’s me …

At the end of the day I simply didn’t want to invest my hard earned cash in a phone or brand that promotes exclusivity or fragging  Windows Phone OS.


Homage to the art work of Roy Lichtenstein

(thanks to @jonorose for the information when my memory failed me)

If the Apps that Nokia are developing (or having developed) are that amazing then why not encourage all Windows Phone customers and Developers by having your apps with your logo running on other phones. In the long run aren’t you subtly influencing customers about the next phone they are going to select?

Where does this leave me?

I’m the proud new owner of an HTC Titan thanks to the timely sale I found at Expansys last month and so far I’m being wowed by yet another Windows Phone.

In the words of Rick in Casablanca, “I guess this is the beginning of beautiful friendship.”


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