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Get over! It’s not about brand, it’s about ROI.

Get over! It’s not about brand, it’s about ROI.

How dare Microsoft get into the Social game?

Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Have you seen the broadsides being fired at Microsoft when people discovered Microsoft FUSE Labs nascent Social / Research Network ?


It’s kind of amusing to see the usual suspects lining up to react to all things Redmond in the predictable manner but they seem to be missing the point.

To be fair though, I do understand some of the confusion. Microsoft have been a major investor in Facebook; leveraging Bing search et cetera. So why have another Social Network?

The Warptest Perspective

I have been on for several months now on and off and frankly I have engaged in dialog with people who without I would never have met.

“I just don’t care which brand owns a network if it allows me to reach a wider audience in a easy manner.”

That’s my ROI in a nutshell.

Whilst has an impressive feature list there are a few steps on the road to a fully baked product but the team have never made any pretenses about the fact that this is a work in progress. I made some similar points about Google+ in an earlier post.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for, how about you?

Warptest will return with “Why I didn’t buy a Nokia Windows Phone.”