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Google+ Newest Iteration Just Killed the Menu Bar

Google+ Newest Iteration Just Killed the Menu Bar

Google+ And The Menu Bar…

It’s a ubiquitous feature: no matter which product you find yourself using (if you are logged in) you see the black Menu Bar and if you look on the left, there’s Google+.

Google+ - Google Menu Bar - kludge

The Menu Bar has been controversial. Some love it, some hate it and some see it as the first major step in getting serious about UI/UX.

Google+ Latest Iteration

Over the last week users were (mostly) delighted to get a clean, fresh and well laid out new UI.

Google+ UI

The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful…

Google+ more of the same

The controversy is over the wasted real estate  or whitespace column left of the hangout column.. still how many blogs (mine included) are themed to use only a partial amount of the screen width?

More important to me is the Navigation Bar  on the far left of the screen .. in keeping with new UI there is a strong icon focus where the More icon is a pop-out menu, accessing other apps.

Warptest Predictions…

Most important this vertical Navigation Bar has just rendered the Menu Bar totally redundant! Once the idea of a vertical Navigation Bar is absorbed by the users I predict another design iteration where the Menu Bar is dropped altogether and all your Google Products display the vertical Bar instead.

Google+ - Vertical Menu - UX

No matter which Google product I’m using, I expect the Navigation Bar to be there and the Menu Bar to be gone in the next 6 months … remember you read it here first.


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