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Mobile Technology is stalled and this is why

Mobile Technology is stalled and this is why

Where Are You Mobile Technology?

We often hear that mobile technology or smartphone processing power is greater in these tiny handheld units than the computers used to affect the Lunar Landing by NASA.

Mobile technology - moon landingImage courtesy of YouTube screencap

However, sometimes it seems that no matter the hot new mobile device we are all lusting after the technology is just a new spin on the same thing .. there seem to be a couple of obstacles to progress:

Stall #1: Batteries

Smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices are dependent on rechargeable batteries. These batteries are either heavy or have limited lifespan. This is not to say that there haven’t been improvements but which of us at an event or in an airport doesn’t gravitate to the nearest power socket for a mains electricity boost?

In a previous post I wrote about Apple registering a patent for hydrogen powered batteries and the inherent problems in this but at least someone is pushing the boundaries of the existing paradigm.

Stall #2: Screen Size

I’m writing this post on a 13.3” wide laptop screen. I was initially concerned about the drop down from 17” but my back is thanking me for the lighter load and with a 1Gb GPU it does the job well.

We are starting to hear about flexible screens and micro-projectors but let’s be honest us Sci-Fi geeks are waiting for a “screen” that is 3D Holographic, touch display.

The moment your display is holographic it will change by need. I’m going to suggest again that a Smartphone with Kinect built-in would provide the “touch” reactive functionality.

However, this will in all likelihood be constrained by battery life.

Mobile technology - Obi Wan You're our only help
Star Wars – Princess Leia’s Holographic Message to Obi Wan

At the end of the day these are not the only issues but they are big ones. What do you think?

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