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Google Glass to Kinect: Your chocolate, my peanut butter.

Google Glass to Kinect: Your chocolate, my peanut butter.

Google Glass and Microsoft Kinect…

Google Glass and Microsoft Kinect, both big time disrupters. Kinect the game-changer that allows your gaming experience to react to your body movements and voice. My first question when I first heard about this was, just how much processing power does it take for the Kinect to act as your primary interface?

Google Glass - actually this is Kinect

images courtesy of Microsoft’s  XBox – Kinect Homepage

Of course Microsoft are well on their way to realizing the full potential of Kinect. For example, voice controlled search via Bing, combined with XBox Live and more.

Next question: when is Windows Phone going to make this the primary interface?

Google’s Project Glass

Last week the whole tech blogosphere and beyond went wild about Google’s Project Glass. It is a sleek, wearable heads-up augmented reality display that will act as the user’s primary interface with the world.

Google Glass heads

images courtesy of Project Glass on Google+

It seems that according to what we know from the G+ page, Glass will interact with head tilt and other basic motion .. possibly using a gyroscope and or accelerometer (the example cited is for the Navigation System).

The Warptest POV

Google Glass sounds like an amazing concept that should be scaring the other platforms into playing catch-up.

In a nutshell were Project Glass (or a WP7 OS equivalent) to mate with the Kinect then the wearable, immersive, augmented reality interface would kill the competition.

However with Kinect the user may not need to look like an extra from Universal Soldier or Star Trek TNG:

Google Glass - Unisol    images courtesy of IMDB   Google Glass - STNG

Google Glass - Kinect phone mockup

(the image above is a mockup)

Redmond, if you are reading.. it’s catch-up time!