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Testing. It’s A Wonderful World

Testing. It’s A Wonderful World

Testing is this .. or this?

About testing: I had several experiences over the past few days that led me to these conclusions about the work I do and how I do it.

Sometimes seeing how others perceive your job can be a real eye-opener. It certainly makes you think about what your job is and why people may have those misconceptions, especially about testing.

testing - perception meme

How do you perceive testing?

Suffice it to say that at least it isn’t more like this:

testing - missiles

Why we keep needing new testers …

The Warptest POV

Testing as a profession has its advocates and evangelists, especially online. Still outside this community it is misrepresented in popular media and every so often dismissed. Cue stage left the arguments how testers can be replaced by the magic bullet of automation .. oy.

Sometimes we get software or hardware and we ask ourselves, “Did anyone actually test this thing?” Other times it just works and we don’t pay it a second thought.

The truth is whilst testing is a profession with recognized methodologies, tools and documentation, testers set the severity of the bugs they find, not the priority to fix them (yes interconnected, no not the same). Others decide when and if a bug needs fixing based on a slew of factors including cost, impact and what work will have to be stopped instead to make the fix and test it.

So the next time you encounter something in these products that annoys, bothers or inhibits you from using it the way you expected to; consider this your bug or defect and find the feedback / support link and report it. It might get fixed and you’ll be saving others the same pain you experienced and then my son, you’ll have done your first testing.

… coming soon “Sh*t Software Testers Say”?


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