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Getting your hands dirty with Windows8

Getting your hands dirty with Windows8

Windows8 : Scratching the surface

Windows8 impressed me and I explained last post why. Today let’s test what the user can and can’t do.


The following  passed a quick acceptance test:

windows8 - acceptance

  • The web site / applications were all tested in IE10
  • IMDB – the site displayed and all the newer trailers ran in the HTML5 player
  • In addition the Office referred to here is Office Web Apps. (accessible via browser on Skydrive or through the Skydrive app)
  • Finally Google Apps ran when tested

The following had certain issues in IE10:

windows8 - bugs

  • Silverlight was not detected even after install preventing Desktop apps like Seesmic from running.
  • Likewise I had problems getting Tweetdeck desktop to run. Although it seemed a failure to connect to the app.


  • Quicktime and the others suffered from what appears to be a bug in the IE10 beta: managed addons. However I investigated further and discovered a workaround.
    Right-click to access the lower toolbar in IE10. Select the spanner icon and select the View on the desktop option. This opens IE from Windows Desktop and the addons for Flash or Quicktime are recognized. Once you do this older Youtube videos, embedded videos in Google+ and Quicktime Trailers run nicely.

The Warptest POV

In short things continue to look up for Windows8 but not for their competition.


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