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Apple has a gestalt hardware fetish.. so what?

Apple has a gestalt hardware fetish.. so what?

An Apple Engineer Walks into a bar..

Yesterday I was sitting in front of Tweetdeck reading the feeding frenzy that inevitably develops prior to an Apple iProduct release when it occurred to me that something was missing from it all:

Jokes aside the anticipation for the new product release and rampant speculation were as strong as ever.

The morning after..

It’s the day after the release of the new iPad and people are strongly divided between excited and displeased.

What the experts think..

I just read Hillel Fuld’s take on it  – if you read two blogs on Tech, his should probably be one.. after mine of course.

Apple - appboy blog post

I like what Hillel had to say and agree with a lot of it but would Joe Consumer feel the same way?

Perhaps the Naysayers and the Disappointed are thus  because the bar for expectation has been raised so high with iPhone4S (Siri)? Or could it be that MWC was taken by storm by a revitalized Nokia (41 megapixel camera-phones, gorgeous Windows Phones etc)?

The Warptest POV

This may be a device with a stunning display, longer battery life and uber-speed but hardware spec has to be experienced to be believed, especially at that price point. Whereas a phone that converses with the user like a virtual girlfriend, well you had even me at “converses..”:

Apple - converses

At the end of the day we need to take a critical look at just what Apple is offering us and ask:

  1. Is it worth the price to buy this?
  2. Am I getting full value bang for my buck?
  3. Is this going to be disruptive innovation or just an upgrade of what I have?
Only you can answer these for yourself, but you should probably be sharing your opinion either way with Apple.
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