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RIM could learn a thing or 2 from Nokia

RIM could learn a thing or 2 from Nokia

What were RIM thinking?

I’m not going to get into the details of RIM ’s continued fight for relevance in the Mobile market or how of late they have been prone to some curious marketing strategies / soundbites.


In addition to testing a lot of what I do is support oriented. People contact me for help, often over Twitter and one of the things I see is the level of user dissatisfaction with certain Blackberry devices. Over the past 3 days I have seen two long-time Blackberry users throw their hands to the heavens and simply give up on these devices out of despair but more importantly because they no longer feel their Smartphone can be relied on to operate reliably or safeguard the storage of their information.

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On the other hand..

Over the last few months I have had some nice things to say about Nokia. I was at the Israel launch of the Nokia Lumia Windows 7 Phone at Microsoft Israel and came away surprisingly impressed with Nokia. (my last Nokia several years ago left me anything but)

Also I have been working on a project testing on Nokia Symbian phones; Anna the older version of Symbian deserved much of the criticism I read online and while testing on it I saw for myself the problems with it.

Earlier this week Nokia officially released the Belle as an upgrade for several phones including the N8, C6-01. Nokia released this video which with a small smile does an excellent job of marketing the upgrade to it’s users and explaining just how easy it is.

Nokia Belle Upgrade

Easy as Pie

The boffins at Nokia kept two important things in mind when designing the upgrade: –

  • Simplicity

All the user has to do is plug the phone into a USB cable connected to their PC. Nokia PC Suite will run the upgrade and let the user know it will take 30 minutes or so.. no worries.

  • Robustness

Subsequent to the upgrade the user will find all their data has been backed up and restored seamlessly to the device.. again, no worries.

Having now seen and tested this I can say that this is one of the best Mobile upgrades I have seen of recent years. Nokia got it exactly right and Belle itself makes serious improvements but let me quantify that I am referring to the upgrade process; it’s early days to see how the devices handle the OS once used.

Relevant, Much?

Apparently Nokia believes that just because they have joined the Windows Phone initiative with Lumia (710, 800 and soon 900) doesn’t mean they should abandon their Symbian customers and I say a big “Well Done” for that. Loyalty to your customer base goes a long way and let’s face it not every person needs a high end Smartphone for some a phone with midrange functionality is enough.

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