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ZTE Launches their Windows Phone – Tania.

ZTE Launches their Windows Phone – Tania.

ZTE Jump In The Windows Phone Pool With ZTE Tania

This is the ZTE offering, their newly released Windows Phone “Tania”:


ZTE Tania is classified as a “budget” level Windows Phone competing with phones like the Acer Allegro, HTC Radar and Samsung Omnia. I’m not going to get into spec comparisons. The phone spec can be found here and the image links to Expansys UK, the site I first saw the phone on.

ZTE Tania - price list

In and of itself the phone is another Windows Phone but what seems interesting is the trend of the last few months; after Nokia’s announcement of the Lumia 800 and 710 (and soon in the US the 910) Acer, Samsung, HTC and LG all released phones in this price range with similar spec (actually the LG spec is a bit higher but price is comparable).

Now we see a company like ZTE who clearly sees the potential in the market jumping on the Windows Phone bandwagon. Given that this is not a company quite like the others in scale or reputation this is a bold move but one rewarded by a sound deal with Virgin UK to offer Tania on contract through their stores.

This could be one of those unnoticed yet definitive moments where a dambuster occurs. This might be the signal to other Handset players that they should be moving fast to get a Windows Phone to the market.

Between the increased number of handsets (indicating increased confidence in the platform) and the speed that 60000+ apps  have become available for Windows Phone it seems that the initially slow and cautious adoption of Windows Phone is behind us and Windows Phone is set to take an increasing bite out of the Smart Phone market.


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