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Test Planning: Going the extra mile

Test Planning: Going the extra mile

When you hand over a deliverable to be tested at what point does your tester get that 1000 yard stare? I’m referring to that look in their eyes when they are in the middle of running test cases and no matter how professional, the repetitiveness overwhelms the eagerness to provide good test coverage.

Take a step back for a moment and imagine hovering over your Test Lab. Now look down.

  • Yes that’s your Server which all the virtual machines run off. It’s well set up, everything is up to date and it provides every configuration needed.
  • Over to your left are all the different Mobile devices for testing your app. Each one sitting in a cradle connected to it’s charger.
  • No shortage of whiteboards, your workstations are set up in an island, comfy chairs and even bowls of fruit and candy.
  • All those Agile tasks on the wall on your right .. Post-It Notes rock!
  • On that screen you can see your Defect Tracking; it’s the best your budget can buy. Well setup and managed by yours truly.
  • Your Test Case Management tool is open too on the adjacent screen. Just a moment..

From up there you can see things a bit clearer. Some of the things your testers have been mentioning about the Test Cases in the Daily Standup Meeting make sense now.

One of the smartest and most efficient things you can do with your test cases is structure the workflow!


We get infuriated by bad workflow in the products we test, thinking how it will bother the user and affect the UX for them. Did we stop and apply the same principle to our Test Cases.

Go the extra mile, sit down with your team at the planning phase and order those test cases logically; perhaps add an extra field to the Test Case Management tool that links a test case to another where it might have been implicitly run.

In a nutshell if you can order your test cases to maximize your efficiency. You probably will stave off that 1000 yard stare a bit longer, ensure better test coverage and more rapid progress.



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