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How Apple wants to change Air Travel

How Apple wants to change Air Travel

December 22nd 2011 Apple registered two patents with the US Patent & Trademark Office .

This is not exceptional by any means, Apple on any given day probably has a guy sitting waiting for the doors of the Patent office to open.

Apple                  uspto

These two patents referred to Apple project for hydrogen fuel cell implementation with iOS and OSX devices. It seems Apple are not simply talking about MAC books, iPads and iPhones powered with longer lasting, more efficient batteries but that the devices have the ability to top up each other.

I’m a bit of a science and history buff and when I read hydrogen fuel cell I remember Chemistry lab and unfortunately recall the Hindenburg.

Hydrogen gas forms explosive mixtures with air if it is 4–74% concentrated and with chlorine if it is 5–95% concentrated. The mixtures spontaneously explode by spark, heat or sunlight. (Wikipedia: Hydrogen)


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I’m convinced that Apple will do everything preproduction to ensure the complete safety of these fuel cells but current international agreements seem to prohibit travelling with any mobile device powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells.


I tried to find a copy of the old style air travel tickets that contain the international convention but this image was the closest I could get to it. These are just some of the items forbidden on any civil air carrier; Hydrogen Fuel Cells seem to violate 3 to 5 different criteria here.

This leads to the following questions: –

  1. Has no-one at Apple thought of this? (I find that hard to believe)
  2. Is Apple going to use much of it’s newly reported wealth to invest in a change of international air travel regulations, to allow devices powered by these fuel cells onboard.
  3. Or, when you check in for air travel are all the Apple fanboys going to be forced to check their fuel cell devices in the hold while the Symbian, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone users are going to be able to board smiling with tablets, laptops and smartphones in hand?

What do you think?


Trivia question: what does the Empire State Building have to do with this article?


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