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Bye Bye Blogger. Welcome to Warptest

Bye Bye Blogger. Welcome to Warptest

Farewell Blogger

Auf weidersehen Blogger & welcome to my all-new and improved site. The move from Blogger to WordPress and my own .COM hasn’t been without some hiccups but that is how the best of us learn, right?

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Warptest as a name came to me during the last testing project I was involved in. An agile project where the testing and Dev cycles were run in sprints.

I started work testing a mobile application and was able to ramp up rapidly; this led to a realization about test planning but that’s another article I’m working on.

The sprint ran at faster than expected speed and when I was discussing it with a fellow tester I joked I was working at warpspeed.

I had been looking for a .COM and couldn’t believe that Warptest was available so I leapt on it and here we are.

The underlying principle of our testing is do it rapidly, do it efficiently and do it right!

The point is for any given test project to arrive at the bugs as fast as possible without compromising the quality of the testing.

In addition Warptest is now my main blog for other subjects I enjoy writing about e.g. tech or espresso.


If your R&D, mobile app or other Dev is reaching critical defect mass and you need someone to step up and either hands on test, guide you with tools selection or anything else test-related then contact me.

Timeslots are filling up for the next month based on sprints in the pipeline so don’t delay folks.

The “warptest-ed” stamp of approval  (as seen in the header) can be yours!

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