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Hands On with the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Hands On with the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Hands on with Nokia Lumia at Microsoft Israel

Today I visited the Microsoft Israel R&D Center for the start of their Mobile Accelerator Week. I’m always happy for any excuse to go to a Microsoft event.

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This time however there was a chance to get hands on, up close and personal with the two Nokia Windows Phones Lumia 800 and 710.


After getting the chance to see for myself just what Microsoft and Nokia have given birth to I can honestly say: –

  • The Nokia Lumia phones are warpspeed fast. I have never seen this kind of responsive performance in a phone, never.
  • The AMOLED Clear Black display of the Lumia 800 has to seen to be believed the color depth is in a word .. gorgeous.
  • The physical feel of these phones is sleek and elegant. Combine that with the sexy UX/UI that Metro gives us and this is a knockout.

In a nutshell I had no compunction about shamelessly asking the nice lady from Eurocom Nokia how I could take one of these phones home with me tonight.

Several phones were being handed out but to StartUp companies selected to participate in the Mobile Acceleration Week supported by the outstanding Microsoft BizSpark.


In fact according to Eurocom Nokia the plan is to make these phones available to the Israeli market in Q1 2012 subject to resolving all Hebrew support issues (the fonts exist,as apparently does the keyboard.. now full right to left support is needed).

Basically, these phones are game-changers in the mobile platform wars. The apps will follow. It is very likely that if you are handed one of these phones you are going to be seduced by them rapidly.

A brief note to Israeli App Developers: if you do have a Windows Phone 7 App it’s worth entering it in the joint Newsgeek / Microsoft App Challenge here. I have already picked my favorite.


Full Hebrew support is quite important… once that is in place, I think this will be my next smartphone.

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