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You heard it here first: Might Nokia make the 1st Windows 8 Tablet?

You heard it here first: Might Nokia make the 1st Windows 8 Tablet?

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet?!??

Nokia took back the night today in the much anticipated release of their two glorious new Windows Phone 7 Smartphones.

Unlike all the other Windows Phone 7 Devices out there; the HTCs, Dell, Samsungs; the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 stand out for their striking design.


Dolly The Sheep, not this phone!

The UX people seem to be holding the reins on this project as the device designs: seamless polycarbonate with access slots for even the SIM card but no access to the battery or internals of the device coupled with striking colors make for eye-catching phones for the customer who doesn’t want their Nokia phone to be just another iClone.


Will They Play Well With Others?

All this aside I’m interested to see how Nokia are going to handle being part of the larger Windows Phone 7 ecosystem;

    • Are Nokia going to lock their phones into their own WP7-OVI App Store?
    • Or are the Nokia Apps for WP7 going to be part of the Windows Marketplace?
    • What effect is this going to have on WP7 App Developers?

You Heard It Here First: –

Microsoft has huge plans for Windows Phone 7, anyone who has downloaded and tried the Windows 8 Developer Preview is aware that the UX of WP7 and Win8 are intended to be part of the new Windows ecosystem. (see my earlier article Too Retro for Metro…)

So if WP7 and Windows 8 are going to play nicely together, then..

Doesn’t it stand to reason that Nokia is planning to also release a Nokia Windows 8 Tablet and do so as early as possible?

Mock Up

Win8 Tablet Mockup

Time will tell if you heard it here first otherwise Nokia isn’t insightful enough to grab this opportunity by both horns, 100% buy into the new Windows ecosystem or this will be half-baked attempt to recapture their glory days as the premier mobile phone company.


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