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Google +1 reinvents the wheel but Bing buys it instead.

Google +1 reinvents the wheel but Bing buys it instead.

Google +1 …

Google +1 how many did I get today after opting in about a month ago? Yet another day I didn’t see it.

+1 is basically a way of the user being able to dare I say it “Like” a result of a search. This is done by opting into the service and subsequently clicking the +1 adjacent to a specific search result.

G 1

I wasn’t too put out after all Google isn’t my main search engine anyway. I’m more likely to Bing something than to Google it.

Okay, have you started breathing again? Past the shock?

Seriously though, sometimes I just find better stuff through Bing.

More importantly I have no idea how much Google are spending on building and rolling out +1 in-house but Microsoft gave them a strategic ass-whupping today by instead of reinventing the “Like” (and wanting everyone to take the time to click the result they like) they entered into a strategic alliance with Facebook to use Facebook users “Likes”.



By piggybacking on the Likes already they have access to a huge, pre-existing datastore of historical personal preferences / Social Decisions.

Google may have to play catch-up here even though they seemingly released +1 prior to the Bing-Facebook alliance; about the only strategic counter move I could see Google pulling is if they managed to convince Twitter to give them exclusive indexing rights to Links that people Tweet. It’s unlikely that Google would do this or that Twitter would agree to such a deal.

So, whilst the “Like” button isn’t going to change to “Bing” any time soon how do you feel about your Likes joining the Matrix? More importantly can you be bothered to Google +1 those links?


Just need to write a browser plugin that Likes when you click +1 or vice-versa.

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