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Facebook Yo! Convergence isn’t just a pretty word it’s good business sense!

Facebook Yo! Convergence isn’t just a pretty word it’s good business sense!

Do you use Facebook Events? It’s a feature I like and end up using a lot.

(Saying that I don’t manage my calendar from Facebook and I find the export event feature a real pain. I tend to just copy paste to my GCal then sync with my mobile.)

Facebook has another really nice feature Places. It’s their entry into Locational Services and “Check-Ins” and at present is available mainly to iPhone and Android phones or on other Web enabled mobiles via the following URL: –

This feature allows the user to share their latest or real-time location.

How come Events and Places don’t converge and work together?

Places uses Bing Maps and has a “Get Directions” Feature but when I checked, it doesn’t use the last check-in as Start or End point.

If I was testing this feature I would definitely be reporting this as a bug.

Facebook Mobile Places

Bing Mobile Map - Facebook

If I accept an Event why doesn’t this piggyback on Places to offer me a route to the Event. Neat options would be: –

1. Give me a route now (at time of accepting the Event invite).

2. Offer me a route each time my location changes in Places.

3. Let me set an “alarm” for x hours before the Event to check my location and offer me a route to the Event.

So what do you think, should Facebook start maximizing these features to give users a more convergent experience? How important is an integrated location service to your social networking?

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