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How Facebook Mail is Going to Change Things

How Facebook Mail is Going to Change Things

Facebook Mail huh…

Facebook Mail rolled out with their consolidated message features …

Given that for many users Facebook has become the main method of communication, how many users are going to abandon Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail and their associated Instant Messengers?

Facebook mail - lemmings

More importantly, has this redefined the rulebook for Social Media Platforms?

If other platforms (whatever their niche) want to compete will they have to offer an actual on-the-platform email?

Are we going to see: –

Or will users and the platforms continue to differentiate between Facebook and all other platforms? If not, have the competition ceded this battle in the Social Media wars?

Facebook mail - surrender

Then there is the issue that many people perceive who you are based on your email. AOL?!?? Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, really? Will using this mail have a similar bias or will this be exclusively to mail to and from your Facebook friends? One last caution, given everything we know about Facebook, do we want them in our email too?

So, what’s your take on this?


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