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Google Alerts be my Peanut Butter to Jelly

Google Alerts be my Peanut Butter to Jelly

Google Alerts … What’s that?

Google Alerts? Some things are just meant to go together. Yes I’m stuck on this convergence  mindset right now. I keep seeing things that should meld together.

Well I wrote this last night and decided to re-read it in the early AM. I wasn’t sure when I was going to get back to it so I set it to auto-post; a neat feature (thx Live Writer).

Awhile back I wrote this blog piece “ is the peanuts, Google Bookmarks are the Chocolate” this is my follow on. No doubt, eventually I will have an epiphany and see a way of combining most if not all these services. (Perhaps Google will be so impressed with my vision that …) is Google’s link shortener with a slew of useful features built in; including analytics and a QR Code generator for each shortened link.

Google Alerts - googl_shortener

However, the one feature I would be adding to this to make a truly killer service is … drum roll

google alerts - UI

The moment you shorten a URL it is clearly of relevance to you to post it, track the analytics so why not have an alert created on the fly for whenever someone references the content of that URL. The alert could be auto-set to use either title tag(s) from the page or keywords or simply allow the link creator to define the alert themselves.

What do you think? Useful – more or less?


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