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Get Smart with smartphones in 2011

Get Smart with smartphones in 2011

Get Smart?

Ready to Get Smart with your Cellular phone? They seem to represent a  microcosm of our society’s development.

2010 and onwards is very much the dawn of the age of the smartphones and the advent of platform/ device wars. We have Apple iPhones, RIM Blackberries, Google Android and Windows Phone 7.

Smartphones are do-everything devices with a slew of features beyond simple mobile voice telecommunication and we are starting to see more and more powerful devices with more RAM, CPU (even multiple cores), larger storage capacity, faster data communication, newer wireless communication protocols and so on. But do they really make you Get Smart?

With all this there are several issues that continue to nag at all these devices: –

  • Call quality and robustness of connection
  • Battery life – the more features in use the quicker you need to find an outlet, USB port or charging cradle in your car.
  • Screen size – the trade off between device size and obviously inherent screen size is another toughie.

With all this progress and the dawn of the Cloud age are we seeing that wonderful buzz phrase come of age convergence. Are these Smartphones mutating or evolving into our primary computers?

Will desktops simply become a screen, keyboard and mouse with a dock for our phones?

I’m a fan of the show Fringe. Fringe is a TV show from Fox that to my mind is the inheritor of X-Files: weird mysteries, the FBI, the understated sexual tension between the female lead FBI agent and the male lead…

Get Smart - Fringe

Fringe is based on the premise that two scientists found a way to access an alternate reality from our own and developed technology based on what they saw there e.g. the cellular phone. They were able to even cross over to the other reality which caused many of the problems and conflicts on which the show is based.

In this alternate reality many things are just a bit different: Air Ships or dirigibles are still in use, in fact the Empire State Building is used as an Airport for the dirigibles (apparently its original intended use) and cellular phones have evolved to ear clips. (if you look carefully at this photo you can just about make the clip phones out)

Get Smart - Fringe earpieces

Not do-anything smartphones but instead ear clips and in the alternate reality (well yes it would have to be wouldn’t it) you never see their phones drop calls or watch someone move to another location to get better reception.

So let’s start 2011 deciding that whatever shape or size our phones two things would be nice: a phone that I can make phone calls with and perhaps the idea of  a convergent device that is my desktop computer when I dock it with my flatscreen etc at home. For now we need to ask if we get smart with smartphones or work harder?

If nothing else we might be able to bid farewell to sync irritations but that is a subject for another time.


It isn't a proper alternate reality without airships

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