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Municipal Strikes in Israel .. Happy New Year

Municipal Strikes in Israel .. Happy New Year

It’s 2011 in several days and the unprogressive thinking of Public employees in Israel leads them to believe that the hammer for every nail they encounter is to strike.

Apparently this strike will be in all local municipalities across the country leading to untold economic loss for private citizens and companies even if you just count the number of employees forced to remain at home to care for their children.

Instead of recruiting the general populace to fight with them the municipalities, their employees and their unions have decided to punish them with this strike. I for one stand firmly against the strike and anyone who participates. Not just for the economic sabotage they are causing to people and the country as a whole but for their inability to think of a better way to fight for their cause.

Maybe we the private citizens should decide to draw a line in the sand and tolerate this behavior no more. A start would be to question the legality of this strike in the courts, perhaps followed by a refusal to serve or provide service for anyone involved in the strike and to create a class action suit for restitution for the financial losses caused by this strike.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn what their reasons are for striking. One of the things I liked about President Ronald Reagan’s administration was his handling of the Air Traffic Controllers Strike.

In this day and age of fragile economies the grandstanding of some middle-league political wannabees at local level could have untold effects on our economy, barely kept in check against following Europe and the US.

I’ll tell you what folks, I’m not going to just criticize I’m going to offer alternatives.

  • Instead of striking, go to work and use email, faxes, phones, city employees on the street to recruit all your citizens to work with you to blitz the Knesset phones, faxes, email against the rise in prices: believe me when the Knesset communications system buckles under the load our government will notice.
  • Have a 10 minute national standstill strike where everyone switches off their cellphones, computers, stops their cars and honks in unison to protest.
  • Encourage citizens to engage in online discussion via Social Media. Many Knesset and Cabinet members are online on Facebook and Twitter.

This is the off the cuff stuff, I’m sure all you mavens, gurus and sensei of media, social or otherwise can contribute other ideas and alternatives.

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