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Allergies.. coping. What do you do?

Allergies.. coping. What do you do?


Hayfever like allergies can be the bane of our existence particularly during the Autumn / Fall season when weather is up and down. Sometimes you are not even sure if its your allergies or the start of a cold.

Disclaimer: speak to your Doctor before taking any medications.

allergies - sick faces

In Israel right now the some days hot, some days cold .. strong Autumn winds can drive you crazy sneezing and wheezing and you still have to work. Have you ever experienced those days when the sneezing just… won’t… stop? Being in the office can be one long explanation that it’s not the flu while everyone looks at you like you are Typhoid Mary.

I’m one of those people who have tried the slow release antihistamines and prefer the Clarityn-D or Benadryl Plus that combines pseudoephedrine with another antihistamine that works for about 12 hours at a time. (see disclaimer above)

In addition, my secret weapon is strong double espresso but what do you do when all this stops working or simply the pollen count is too high?

Morphy Richards 47970

I would love to hear your stories or ideas for fighting back the tide of pollen in the air.


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