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New Digg. Do you dig it?

New Digg. Do you dig it?

Well, I decided to login and try the new Digg. What is it? It’s the internet aggregated for you. A nice way to see everything you are interested in on one site and then share your finds on social media.

So far easy to use with a couple of stability issues around the Login and saved settings.

  1. Fail on Facebook Connect
  2. Fail on Twitter Connect
  3. Navigation to settings or between various settings tabs shows a fail and forces re-login

No doubt these are just some of the issues being experienced with the updated site and should be resolved. The question is whether web apps like Digg test these features or not before they roll out updates or they rely on end-users to do their crowd testing for them?

I like the look and feel and as I see more I’ll post.

New Digg

Apropos, I have 5 invites for the first 5 to ask me via Twitter @jonathanross

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