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Smart-phones and GUI Bugs

Smart-phones and GUI Bugs

Do you own a Touch-screen Smartphone and experience strange, spontaneous cut-offs during conversations?

Today I got an excellent explanation to this apparent "X-File" from a professional in the cellular tech industry: ears.

If you hold the phone too near to your ear then the ear will "touch" the screen in the wrong place and close the call..

SO does this count as a design flaw or GUI bug? Should the touch screen only respond to fingers or does the use of the arch of the ear or the tip of the nose count as legitimate “touch”?

I would love to see the design specs for these touch screens and see what the definitions and requirements were.

I QA’d / tested this on Windows Mobile and this does reproduce if you are not too careful.

Any other owners with Iphone/ Android/ other, have you looked? Does this bug happen on your phone too? Well have a crack at reproducing this bug and let me know.


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