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My Espresso Machine – Maintenance and Best Coffee Beans

My Espresso Machine – Maintenance and Best Coffee Beans

Morphy Richards 47970

This is my Espresso machine, the Morphy Richards 47970 a kind gift from my folks last summer when they were visiting and decided that me having an in-house caffeine solution was a good idea.

At first I couldn’t find a photo or the model number so thanks to Zap Consumer Site (Hebrew for Israel guys, sorry) for having the model and photo there.

Now firstly, title aside I love this Espresso machine. It makes great espresso and according to my sister-in-law a pretty good Cappuccino too.

Now of course it helps to have great coffee to work with and here in Modiin there is certainly no shortage of choices: –

Map picture

My two favorite places to purchase ground beans are Sarah’lehs Bakery/ Coffee-shop a Pillsbury franchise (this is a really nice family store) they have one brand of Italian coffee beans that is strong and tasty.

The other is Cafe Joe / Cup O Joe  a chain across Israel, they have two coffee shops in Modiin, one in the Azrieli Mall and the second at the Yishpro Center just outside of Modiin. Cafe Joe has a variety of coffee beans to choose from and an amazing machine that automates the grinding process based on bean selection, quantity and coffee machine type.

My preferred purchase with Cafe Joe is 200grams of their Kenya AA bean. If you are anywhere near one of their coffee stores in Israel and you haven’t tried their excellent coffee, great food and fantastic service then I recommend you do so, strongly.

Okay that’s the background on my Espresso machine and the coffee I use in it. Of course there is one more element, the water. I use tap water in my Espresso machine and Modiin like much of Israel has hard water the underlying geology of much of the region is limestone. You can see this in much of the local construction but also on the inside of our kettles. The limescale buildup is rapid and nefarious in how it affects untreated appliances however I’m not in the position to install a water softener so tap water it is.

This means that once a month I descale and run a maintenance regime on my Espresso machine or see it stop working.

This involves me performing some basic disassembly and then taking all the removable parts and cleaning them. All the cleaning of the parts is done using Vinegar and Baking Soda. I place everything into a bowl and leave it to soak as the mixture fizzes away. Following this everything gets rinsed off several times in piping hot water.

Meanwhile I have filled the water tank with vinegar and switched on the machine and run hot vinegar thru the system followed by several cycles of clean water.

On reassembly the system produces a noticeably better espresso. However before you run off and try this yourself check what your machine’s manufacturer recommends for your machine.

The one part though on my machine that needs more than a monthly cleaning is the cup that holds the ground beans thru which the pressurised, boiling water flows to create the espresso. This gets the same soaking and rinsing at least once every two weeks.

Still it’s all worthwhile for that wonderful home espresso experience don’t you think?


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