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Did Buzz distract you from the really big Google roll-out? Real Time Search.

Did Buzz distract you from the really big Google roll-out? Real Time Search.

Last week I was amongst the overjoyed who profile as early adopters of new tech/ web services to see the announcement that Google Buzz was going live. I followed the link on the Buzz homepage and read regarding how filling in my profile could help me in terms of search.

I filled in the relevant details and added links to my Social Media and Blog.

My google profile

I could get into the whole Buzz controversy and the ramifications of forcing new features on unsuspecting users or everybody’s favourite buzz-word transparency and how this is really the big failure in this whole story. However, all this has been flogged to death.

Let me ask you if you have noticed a seemingly innocuous link on the Google search results page that is a big game-changer for Search in general?

Show optionsLook carefully and you will notice  the Show options link which expands a series of filters for your search results.

By chance I was looking at my Twitter and once again I received a direct tweet intended for the ex-BBC presenter of the same name. My namesake has confounded my page-rank in search engines for years but something made me Google myself one more time.

I was astounded to see that whilst Buzz / Google profile had been causing controversy they had incorporated Real Time Search into their results had made a very real change to my page-rank:

google search - jonathanross

Suddenly I was on page 1 at number 5 on Google (or at least my blog was) after results ranging from page 15 to not found.

I’m not going to cite myself as any kind of case study but when you share a name with a celebrity you get used to living in their shadow in terms of Search. So to land on page 1 in that respect is a success.

Now I have to build on this momentum and ensure I can translate this into a tangible result. For someone in the process of searching for a new job (shameless self-marketing for Project/ QA Management) this has potential.

If reading this offers you ideas for you or for me and my job search then feel free to comment. Enjoy.


Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

My pleasure feel free to tweet/ follow me on @jonathanross and u can always ask if there is something else I can do to help 🙂