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Coffee not just for fun…

Coffee not just for fun…

This morning I was at our Kuppat Cholim which literally translates from Hebrew as Pool of Sick People but is the nearest thing to an HMO or Healthcare Provider in Israel.


The Missus had asked me to pop over and fill a prescription for her and I was trying to remember how many antihistamine I had left. Any time I need a repeat prescription for my allergy meds (and pollen season is pretty much here)I’m lucky enough to be able to phone my Doctor and simply request it. A day later I can pick up the prescription. Of course the more you use these meds the less they seem to work.


Anyway the best thing I find for me is Caffeine. Preferably a good, strong double espresso. I discovered several years ago that in a pinch if I’m a little wheezy it can even help with that.

Now pay attention, I’m not advocating any of you smart folks stop taking meds or start mainlining caffeine. This works for me as long as I drink my coffee in moderation. (DISCLAIMER)

I mentioned this to several Doctors over the years who all looked sceptically at me.  However this information has been around since the mid-1800’s as Coffee contains a chemical compound Theophylline


This compound was used as an early treatment for breathing disorders. Anyhow it occurred to me that Coffee is ostensibly a homeopathic treatment (yes, I know it has side effects) so how come my health fund doesn’t give me prescriptions for Coffee?

Take two espressos and call in the morning? Why not? The Dead Sea is known for its therapeutic benefits for many skin disorders and one of the Health funds in Israel does actually fund trips to the Dead Sea for sufferers of these disorders. So perhaps it’s time I ran for political office on the therapeutic caffeine platform.

Please note that the author was not entirely serious when writing this piece (LOL)

Comment: Does that mean you weren’t entirely unserious either when you wrote it: From anonymous


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