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Tips for flatpack heaven or why I love Ikea.

Tips for flatpack heaven or why I love Ikea.

The Missus and I have been discussing the need for some rearranging in the house.

I have been shifting boxes and discovering undiscovered pockets of dust and pollen in our storage shed. However, my allergies aside we decided that some of our rearrangement would require a visit to Ikea.

Ikea is like a trip abroad for me but not just because Ikea in Netanya, Israel looks the same as Ikea in the North of England (Warrington if I remember right). For me the whole Ikea visit is a pleasure.

If you haven’t guessed let me tell you a secret I love flatpack. Not just the concept or the idea of it but the whole process of choosing, buying, getting it home and then assembly. The coffee and muffins at Ikea are just an added bonus.

I have been known to drop everything an pop over to assemble something for a friend once in awhile. However, I do understand the frustrations some feel with flatpack. The instructions can be poor and Ikea has a graphic concept for their instructions that doesn’t always make it easy for the end user to see what connects to what.

Yesterday, I saw a case of this online which led to me tweeting my top 10 Ikea tips. I decided to blog them too (in reverse order, copied from my tweet feed): –

My #Ikea tips: 10. On completion do bask in the feeling of a job well done and the admiration of your family and most important enjoy

My #Ikea tips: 9. Ikea is like #Microsoft once u get your head around the 5-10 types of screws and bolts and flatpack philosophy u r golden

My #Ikea tips: 8. Ask at the store for advice or tips for assembling the product u r buying. Ikea has great customer support

My #Ikea tips: 7. Don’t start if u don’t have all the tools they recommend u need 2 get the job done

My #Ikea tips: 6. Another pair of eyes helps. Don’t be afraid to ask for help the instructions ARE confusing #asinlife

My #Ikea tips: 5. Keep the catalog open so u always have your end result in sight

My #Ikea tips: 4. as in life if u really have to force something it might be wrong

My #Ikea tips: 3 (should have been 1) When u r at Ikea take a close look at the display model and see how it’s put together

My #Ikea tips: 2. Open instructions and see which parts belong to which stage

My #Ikea tips: 1. Layout all the parts from the flatpack and check everything is there

#1 Is probably one of my favorites. I used to do this with those airplane models and then take a few moments just to see if I could understand how everything fit together.

One extra I remembered right now is bolts and screws don’t over-tighten them but also don’t close them until you absolutely are ready to move onto the next stage.

I think that this whole methodology is probably an extension of my professional philosophy in testing, QA and Project Management.

Anyway, happy flatpacking. Enjoy.


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