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Avatar brought us 3D Cinema, will Personal Computing be next?

Avatar brought us 3D Cinema, will Personal Computing be next?

Steve Jobs is sitting in his den feet up video conferencing with James Cameron and gloating how the iPad has knocked Avatar’s page rank down.

I haven’t seen the movie, the trailer was sufficient for me; with a 4 year old and a pregnant wife entering her 8th month I have to be a little choosy about which movies I take the time to see. As for the iPad, the last piece of Apple technology I used was an iMac (except for QuickTime and QuickTime VR) and whilst I think Apple have a neat gadget in the iPad I’m going to be staying with Windows based technology.

In terms of cutting edge tech or something that is breaking paradigms and perhaps redefining how we interact with our technology Avatar slaps the iPad down with ease.

I know, you’re shocked. the iPad that touch sensitive, Kindle Terminator that has shown us that convergence can be a good thing versus a movie about blue aliens? Can anyone say Smurfs?

Forget the story for a moment, Avatar is potentially a world-shaking tech event for the 3D experience. The last time I saw a 3D movie was in 1983 called Treasure of the Four Crowns. A 3D, poor mans version of an Indiana Jones movie. It was definitely B if not C grade and I loved it.


Now we are seeing other movie producers jumping on the bandwagon to show their movies in 3D too. Apparently Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson will be filming Tintin in 3D.

So, what next? If 3D movies are going to become mainstream in the cinema can we expect 3D TV?  TV is an interesting concept but are we talking News, Reality, maybe Action/ Thriller shows e.g. 24-3D or Lost 3D that might get a little overwhelming.

Forgetting about 3D TV what about our Personal Computing experience? 3D Browsing, multimedia and YouTube but a real potential winner.. Gaming; imagine EA’s Command and Conquer, Age of Empires and others in glorious 3D.

For the web 3D could be an enriching experience in e-commerce creating virtual malls etc. and whilst on the subject how could 3D affect virtual worlds like Second Life? Then of course one of the early tech fields to adopt 3D had been photogrammetry / GIS.

Of course, lest we forget: mobile tech.. this probably deserves a blog piece all to itself what with Augmented Reality.

The real questions may well be: –

  • How much added value or richer experience will all of these become in 3D?
  • Will 3D provide a more immersive interaction in our daily personal computing life?
  • How is this going to impact hardware such as GPU’s, screens and mobile battery life?

One thing is for sure, finding out is definitely going to be fun.

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